Men Suck (the life out of us)

Men know how terrible men are.

Malcolm Potts and Thomas Hayden in a lecture about their book, Sex and War:

“Tom and I call the testosterone molecule the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.”

“As the number of men aged 15-29 decreases, society becomes more diplomatic and peaceful.”

“In 1861, there were 600,000 more women of reproductive age than men in England. Suddenly having an excess of women made a more civilized society [women weren’t burdened with taking care of husbands and children].”

“Probably if you castrate men they would not be violent. That was done systematically in the Turkish sultanate. They used eunuchs as diplomats because those who had been castrated to look after the sultan’s harem were also much more objective and calm in making diplomatic decisions. Men are more excitable…overreacting. Overconfidence is a characteristic of male behavior.”

Here’s an interesting quote from Sex and War:

Violence, aggression, and the other warlike predispositions are apparently found in all human males…there is no evidence that particular ethnic or racial groups have consistently higher or lower levels of innate aggression. Cultural and ethnic groups certainly have shown warlike or peaceful tendencies over time, but one need only look to the peaceful modern Scandinavian descendants of the once feared Vikings to appreciate that the differences are largely due to culture and circumstance, not genes.

So what they’re saying, is that all men are predisposed to being violent, aggressive, warrior, rapists. It is only very rarely that human societies aren’t murderously misogynistic, and the reason for that is because men’s innate drive towards violence has been tempered by culture and circumstances. Men’s drive towards this is only tempered by a GREAT DEAL of managing from women. If women pour all of their gynergy into tempering men’s rapaciousness and violence, they will be lucky to get a ‘patriarchy-lite’ like the Scandinavian countries. But even if they pour all of their energy into reform and just making sure men aren’t terrorists, it only takes ONE very patriarchal culture to destroy their centuries of work in a few years. See what happened to Native American tribes and other ‘patriarchy-lite’ cultures that were visited by Europeans. Also see what happened in Minoan-Crete.

From “China’s Problem? Too many men” by Rob Brooks

Throughout history, a surplus of young men often heralded violence. The American frontier earned its “Wild West” reputation for lawlessness because its towns overflowed with men, yet marriageable women were vanishingly rare. In The Chivalrous Society, historian Georges Duby argued that European expansionism, from the Crusades to colonialism, was fueled by a surplus of ambitious and aggressive young men with otherwise poor reproductive prospects.

The economist Lena Edlund estimates that every one percent increase in the sex ratio results in a six percent increase in the rates of violent and property crime. In addition, the parts of China with the most male-biased sex ratios are experiencing a variety of other maladies, all tied to the presence of too many young men. Gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, kidnapping and trafficking of women are rising steeply in China.

When it comes to men, less is more. Less men equals more freedom for everyone, more clean water, more peace, more joy, etc. Men know this and readily admit it. But they would never recommend decreasing the ratio of males to females. This isn’t because they’re concerned about infanticide and sex-selective abortion–millions of GIRLS have been killed in this way and are missing from the planet, in addition to those who die from neglect, and men really can’t be bothered to do anything about it. Sex selection is easy, inexpensive and non-invasive with sperm sorting and other methods.

The most loving, moral, effective and easiest action that would decrease rape and violence (among many other positive consequences) is this: STOP PRODUCING SO MANY BOYS. But men don’t want fewer males, even though it would make life on earth better for every living creature. This is because deep down in their gut men feel they are better than women. They viscerally feel themselves to be the true and superior form of human, The Human Form. We already know that’s bullshit, but I’m going to destroy that belief in another post (with science!). The Y chromosome adds nothing to human nature except a far greater propensity towards (and love of) violence and rape. If a man is intelligent, kind, peaceful, blah blah blah, it is not BECAUSE of his Y chromosome, but IN SPITE of it. All the things we love about men in our life would not disappear with the disappearance of men. Those things are HUMAN characteristics, and they would be allowed to flourish without men killing, raping, and disabling half the population (far more if you count oppressed men). Yes, the only “human” characteristics that would vanish if men disappeared would be unending wars and constant rape.

There is no cosmic reason for a 1:1 sex ratio. The universe does not need the balance of both sexes to operate–really it just needs females. The equal sex ratio is an accident, a product of meiosis, the easiest way for sexual reproduction to evolve. Everyone and everything would be better off with a drastic decrease in the number of boys born. Sorry, that is just logic. Men are responsible for almost all of the violence humans engage in, and their greed and compulsion to be alpha male is destroying the environment. In fact, the benefits would increase as the sex ratio decreased. The planet would benefit, women and girls would benefit, boys would benefit.

These next quotes are from a discussion about pornography between Gail Dines, author Howard Jacobson, and libfem activist Leslie Cannold. I think they highlight some important issues. First, that men know what they are and will gladly tell us, and second, that women refuse to believe them:

Howard Jacobson: The harm I’m concerned about is whats in a man’s head. Cut open a man’s mind and you will see the harm. But the problem is, cut open any man’s mind and you will see the harm.

Gail Dines: As a feminist I wont argue with that one.

HJ: I’m happy as a man, not a feminist, to acknowledge that a man’s mind is a jungle of horrors.

Leslie Cannold: I don’t accept that.

HJ: It just is…

LC: I find that depressing. I’m sorry that’s just a depressing brand of feminism. We don’t need to fall into these old tired traps about men and women, Mars/Venus, as if men are some different species. Women are the victims, men are the predators. I do not buy it. And in the feminism that I am involved in we need men, we can’t do it without men. What’s so damaging about this discourse is its old, and it’s pitting men and women against each other.

HJ: Well, I think the problem predates pornography; there wouldn’t be pornography unless we wanted it. Now why do we want it? What’s it answering to? It’s answering to something quite strange and frightening in our natures…

GD: I don’t buy that. As a mother of a son I refuse to accept that my boy came out with a homing device for Im sorry, I absolutely refuse to accept that.

We want so badly to believe that men are good because we are forced to create them, and they are part of us. “Not my boy”, women say. There is a complete refusal to acknowledge the consequences of rearing sons on our daughters, other women and the earth. It is imperative that women believe what men tell us about themselves


17 thoughts on “Men Suck (the life out of us)

  1. As a man, I’d say that the majority of men would agree with Howard Jacobsen. But you’re wrong – a lot of men wouldn’t care at all if there are less men. Everyone knows women are (on average) nicer, and we men don’t care much about other men, or about men as a group. We aren’t part of a sex which is in competition with another sex. We think primarily about ourselves as individuals only – why should I care about other men as a group? If there were less men (due to a painless process like producing less men), the I world would be a better place, and there would be more women left for me. The aborting of tons of girls in China is great for girls who have more power as they grow to womanhood, and terrible for men who don’t have enough partners. So I think that it would get a lot of support to do the opposite in Western countries – we need more women and less men.

  2. I think that to some degree Testosterone obviously does have effects on the brain, and as we know the Y chromosome is a defective piece of biology. I’m a male and as such I have to be a reformist. I have to believe that males are not innately evil…that I’m not innately evil because of biology. I agree though, unless men shape up (and I will say despite hope I’m realistic.) we don’t need a surplus of males.

  3. Great post! I look forward to reading more on your blog.

    I find it funny that men truly believe they are the default human. When looking at simple facts about biology proves the opposite. The Y chromosome is faulty. There is something wrong with it. It is small and causes all type of violent behavior in males. While the X chromosome is larger, stronger, and not harmful to life. I really hope it’s true that the Y chromosome is gradually decreasing in size.

    I’ve read that the sperm with an X chromosome travels further and can survive longer than male sperm. So piv is not necessary for reproduction if a woman can get pregnant from sperm traveling from her vulva to the egg. And in that case, only the female sperm would get to the egg, producing daughters. (Yay!)

    Oh and the woman LC’s comments made me sad. So many women (especially in the pseudo-equal western countries) are in such denial. Even with a man telling her the truth.

  4. Excellent analysis, and especially to know where (motherhood of a son) Gail Dines lacks the capacity for really radical feminism. She’s such a great researcher, so on the cause against pornography, that it all makes sense now. I thank my lucky stars every day I did not have a son (but only one daughter). If she had been a he, the maternal bonding (yes, it was truly powerful, biology, breast feeding, sublime, really, and I’m rather cerebral and well-educated in general) might have made me an apologist for every mother’s son. Particularly when children are pathetic, as boys so often are compared to girls (much needier for their mothers I noticed among my fellow young moms and kids of the time on playgrounds), it might have elicited my sympathy and tendency to become an apologist for males.

    As somebody who was going to never have even one child, once I did in my 30’s, it so changed my worldview to become a mother that I wonder, short of males just evolving out of existence and parthenogenesis taking root among evolved womankind, how we could ever hope for radical feminism of the “disengagement from all men (including sons)” variety to appeal to most women. If you count mothers of sons, sisters of women who are mothers of sons, women friends of women who are mothers of sons, you probably have counted over 50% of women on the planet. Our hearts get in the way, as you say, even when men tell us over and over how vile their thoughts (and actions, when unsanctioned) really are.

    Yes, it is vital for women, at least those of us willing to see it, to get how evil men are as a sex class, and to disengage to every extent possible.

    Every time one of us does not laugh at the random male in public trying to make an unsolicited joke, every time one of us ignores a man in public in order to take care of her own business, every time one of us gets divorced and never dates men again, we create space for more women to take notice and do the same.

    Also on those occasions I might be taking mass transportation in major cities, whenever I see a mother struggling with horrible behavior of sons in the 5 to pre-teen aged bracket (it being too risky to me from the young men’s penchant for violence if they are older), I might say something like “you could maybe give them back to their dad.” (“Sometimes we have a convo about social services and incorrigibility.) Giving the hardhearted boys back to the dads is the basic theme of Sheri Tepper’s book, “The Gate to Women’s Country.” (Amazing except that Sheri has no rad-fem analysis and always cops out as Gail Dines does, writing “noble” male characters into her books in contrast to the dickwads and fucktards.)

    And daily I pray to whatever elements, goddesses, principalities and powers favoring Womankind there be — that the disintegrating y chromosome speeds on its course to human male extinction.

    And that the best of women’s minds and talents and compassions can find way into however our species might evolve.

    And that the evil men do does not before the evolution basically kill everything.

    But no more do I suffer any illusions about men. When they tell us they are evil, I believe them. From long life experience I also know it to be true.

    Now if I can only live even longer, and longer enough, to keep sharing the truth with as many women who might cross my path in daily living and be open to seeing the example of a woman self-directed who does not volunteer to give her energy to males. Now if I can only live long enough to be there when my beloved daughter has her heart broken (or worse) by the nigel she married in hope against hope that he might be a good one, because after all he has a mother who really, really loves him.

    The problem of women bearing sons in whom they are invested is so circular, I am hoping, really, for evolution to solve it for us.

  5. P.S. Can I just say how much I love the photo of the flowers going into the boots and the way the women are so connected at the top of your blog? It is so perfect a depiction of how women are in general as a sex class when we are among our own womankind. It is exactly how my daughter and I were in her teen-aged years. She wore daisies between her toes in some of her h.s. graduation photos. By the time it came for college graduation, by influence of her nigel, she’d become “too sophisticated’ for that sort of thing.

    And yet the connection with nature is part of our nature, probably part of the x chromosomal connection to Life that men’s science simply cannot quantify because it’s in fairy time, mystical, ethereal, all the woo woo stuff that has something cosmologically real behind it (but will never be susceptible of break-apart analysis in a super collider, because that’s not how Nature works at the deepest levels beyond male tinkering). Probably also the x chromosome is responsible for the outdoorsy nature of men like John Muir and H.D. Thoreau and nature photographers like Ansel Adams. In other words, as your blog posits, what is best about human nature is what women bring to it, and our x chromosomes, and our witty magic.

    Thank you for great analysis! I read your comments elsewhere and really appreciate what you say.

    It may be my stage in life but I find blogging (and the technical details) really tedious, so my own little blog is rarely updated. That’s why I’m glad comments are welcome here without derision, and why I’m glad to see more of your writing on others’ blogs as a commenter.

  6. Hi aliyahgurl, thanks for commenting!

    Men’s delusions of grandeur are hilarious (and tragic), aren’t they? What a bunch of dipshits. They ignore or twist any evidence against their godliness. They do and say what they want and create theory/religion to support it. This is because men experience visceral feelings of superiority over women. This is the dark shadow in men that trumps intellect and empathy. In the end, this impulse always wins in men’s minds and it is the water in which they swim.

    These male feelings pre-date human evolution. Dominant males in other species (primates, Rocky Mountain sheep, etc.) will mount a subordinate male, as they would a female, and simulate intercourse. This is a metaphor which in effect says: “I am so dominant over you that I can treat you like a female”. Male humans use this metaphor in places like prisons, also look at ancient Greece and Sparta. Men can have sex with other men and maintain their masculinity if they are the penetrator. It is only by being penetrated that a man becomes inferior, becomes a “woman” in their sick, fucked up minds. Sex for men is a communication and solidification of one’s position in the male dominance hierarchy. Penetration is a RITUAL that tells THE MAN’S BODY that he is dominant. Realizing this fact makes hetero sex a whole lot less fun for women. For men: sex=power=violence=sex. Human males use this dominance metaphor, in language, with “verbal mounting”. They say “(I) Fuck you!”, “(I will shove myself) Up yours!”, and compare other men to girls and women in order to demean them.

    Obviously men’s feelings about us say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about women’s actual status/worth. But they say a lot about men, whose core identity arises from their participation in male dominance games. They attribute worth to whomever is on top and whatever can help them get on top. This is why they have hate/contempt for women, treat us lower than animals and believe the life sustaining work we do is worthless.

    THIS IS IMPORTANT; these facts show us that men’s feelings of superiority (which go against all evidence) are rooted in male biology; human culture only serving to temper or exacerbate these impulses.

  7. Aptly titled “Demonic Males,” another book where men tell us the truth about males has been described by one of its two male authors as follows:

    The book’s almost 20 years old, never cited mainstream any more, but at the time of publication it was covered by the NY Times:

    Female solidarity and lesbian sex (aka bonobos) is viewed as a key to primate survival of male violence, but sadly bonobos are being nearly wiped out by human males. Also the male authors, describing well the male penchant for unchecked violence against females in all primate species including human except the bonobos that have female group solidarity, hold evolutionary hope for men at the end that is entirely unfounded.

    Interestingly, given the academic research creds of the male authors, the MtT movement invading female solidarity, by invading female space, starting ramping up big time at about the same time this well-researched book showed how lack of female solidarity (aka lack of female space to be together) enhances male control and male violence against females.

    It is all by design. The real war is the war by men against women. It always has been. The man-on-man violence, as you point out, is just a spillover effect, a substitute for when no women are around for men to hurt. Men are sick fucks and steering clear of them as much as possible is our best chance.

  8. This blog keeps drawing me back because of the powerful pro-woman imagery of the banner photo, and the excellent analysis of this article (more than a post, really), and today I’m working mentally with the notion of how you have identified a man calling men’s minds a “jungle of horrors.” It’s such a great shorthand way to understand how men view themselves, and how truly dangerous trusting any man is to every woman.

    Recently in online corners I’d been reading with fascination about male oppression not being best described by war analogy, really great collective analysis, although for me over-focus on language and how we parse it (a concept male invented in any event) can sometimes take me into too much abstraction and away from the connections with the good of Nature and other women who sustain me. Sometimes the connections seem random but there’s a synchronicity to the unseen interconnections that I trust — like when my two best friends for their own life dynamics reasons were not available recently during something really difficult I was facing, I “randomly” found Elizabeth (wise retired school teacher in her 80’s) and her little dog Toby seeking me out for a conversation and petting on the safe jogging path raised above a nearby river we both often use, also above a golf course and in plain view of many women who live in apartments on the other side, She and the dog connected powerfully and the shared gynergy/dogergy moved and encouraged me.

    The upshot of that recent good experience and reading fascinating blog comments was this morning to be moved — before opening of business and the necessary earning of money to live in the man-made (groan) economy — to update my own blog which leads with images not words to help me overcome an innate male-over-educated infusion of mental processing where I’m still deprogramming from the default man-invented professional bias of leading with logic and word usage. Or as the old saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. That’s why I love the banner photo on this blog. It inspires and inspirits women, at levels words can’t really describe or contain.

    Bless you! Goddess or Cosmic Broccoli Stalks, I don’t care what agency blesses you, but I believe the only ones that might have power to do so are as Life-connected as only healed women and other of Nature’s creatively exuberant and non-parasitic creatures can be.

  9. Hi SallyA, thank you for your wonderful comments! It is life and sanity saving to be able to converse with other radical feminists. I lived most of my life in a small town in middle America, and I don’t know if I would’ve survived had i not found the radical feminist community online.

    I too was immediately drawn to this photo. It shows the playfulness and creativity of women when we’re together. A while back someone posted about the importance of woman-centered, non-patriarchal images and how healing they can be. Also, how difficult they are to find! She believed that images of nature, without man-made structure and such, were feminist and healing. These kinds of images bring such calmness and peace, and bring back my breath. We truly cannot fathom the amount of hate we are exposed to in an average day through mainstream media, and the toll it takes on our mind-body. I think my next post will be of nature/women-loving images 😀

  10. You did such a gorgeous job with your next post! What breath-returning images (and what good words you used to describe: “bring back my breath.”)

    Earlier today it appeared that wp had done another one of its intermittent blocking of my comments on rf blogs which seems to happen from time to time. I hadn’t cut and pasted the comment to save but basically it shared in a longer way how the online community of rf’s who seek the love and goodness of one another and nature as antidote to men’s oppression has likewise been relief for me in the diaspora of our separation from women’s space in the 21st century.

    Now I’ll try to post this comment and see if wp has straightened out.

  11. I have an idea. There is a blood test available for purchase via amazon that can tell you the sex of your fetus by 11 weeks. Its sent to a lab. Then if its a boy, its still early enough to terminate the pregnancy. I dont want more kids but if I did thats what I would do, although some would find it extreme. You could always tell your male partner you had a miscarriage:)

  12. An excellent first post for your blog, I look forward to more.

    An enlightening convo between Jacobson, Dines and Cannold. Dines is an anti-porn libfem, not a radfem. Certainly she is excellent in her presentations and research on pornography, but beyond that, not much use, having a husband and son—she is invested in males. Very disappointing recently when she took the stance ‘porn harms men too’—who really gives a fuck, men created it, and if it really did harm them, they would stop making it. The radical feminist analysis on why porn is bad, is that it harms women and girls—obviously the ones used making it, but extending beyond that into harming females as a class.

    A couple of related links to the theme of the post. The women of two (warring) tribes in PNG were unable to get the men of the two tribes to stop warring. So the women created a pact, and killed all the new born males for 10 years and achieved peace. Well, the missionaries heard about this male infantcide, and raced over there to talk the women out of it. Strangely, same missionaries are *crickets* when it comes to the millions of female infants killed or aborted in India and China. Several links on an old post of mine (because ‘mysteriously’, this story keeps ‘disappearing’):

    There are two stories from Africa. The first (and I cannot find the link at the moment), was a tribe of women sick of the men beating/raping them, so they up and left the men and created a women-only village. The men periodically try and raid it, but the women are super happy having left the men.

    The second link is of women in Rwanda. Of course, dudes nearly killed themselves off warring with each other, leaving about a 2:1 female:male population, resulting in Rwandan women having 70% representation in parliament, and things are getting better because of it. That 70% or a 2:1 ratio seems to be the tipping point to real and lasting change.

  13. Sally mentioned the affect of M2Ts disrupting both feminism and female spaces. Yes, a huge problem at the moment, with vast numbers of libfems supporting this distruction.

    I had the misfortune today to be researching for a post on a TG/CD section of a site. Really disturbing to read their accounts of how they ‘knew’ they were really meant to be women/girls, the majority of it being fetishing clothing/fabrics and (artificial) femininity. They insist (because they are male!) that they *know* what it ‘feels’ like to be a woman—yet I as a born female find ALL of it completely foreign, not anything like the natural (or socialised) female experience—it is their outsider view, a male view, and also very creepy and covetous.

    Also, the majority of M2T are pro-prostitution and pro-porn. This seems to escape the notice of the anti-porn libfems in their quest of Grade-A Handmaidening. I am sure they would support Hefner too, if he threw on a frock.

  14. I absolutely connected with everything you said, and I know there are many women who are too afraid (understandably so) to go against the many male influences in their lives to acknowledge these truths: that men drain women’s energy until we die; that men use that energy to harm other women and support the brotherhood; that male violence is a real and immediate threat to every single woman’s life; and that the solution to the world’s problems is sisterhood.

    I’m working toward creating a women’s land in Ontario. I believe female separatist communities can create a blueprint for a way to survive in solidarity with the planet and one another. Men’s lack of foresight and total self-absorption means they don’t care about future generations, not even that of their sons. They care about their immediate gratification which is gained at the expense of the ‘resources’ around them, women being only one of many, all of equal value to men–that is, less than men, so only valuable in terms of what it gains them.

    Never stop writing. Thank you.

  15. Wow, never before have I seen a feminist advocating genocide. I have nothing to say other than that you’re a terrible person and a disgrace to those who want actual equality.

  16. This comment gave me a chuckle. It’s such a cliche response- misrepresent what was said, then advocate for “equality”. Equality is a useless, hollow word. People throw the word “equality” around because it allows them to feel smug without having to actually think about complex problems. This article elaborates on the meaninglessness of “equality” in patriarchal societies.

    I don’t advocate genocide. Men and their institutions advocate genocide and commit it regularly. I don’t think a year has passed in human history without groups of men committing genocide somewhere in the world.

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